Data Center Maintenance and Repair Software

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Background and Role

The data center software under consideration is an of integrating various deprecated software used at the Data Centers. However, the software has a myriad of known issues in different parts. Additionally, the software has many moving parts with the main ones being diagnosis, repair and maintenance of the data centers.

In a bid to improve the user experience of the software at hand, as the UX Researcher, I was tasked with conducting interviews, focus groups, creating and analyzing surveys, and ultimately provide insights and recommendations based on user data.



Iterative Focus Group Reports


Qualitative Interview Reports


Survey Report


Analysis Tool

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bulls eye
  • Improved CSAT and NSAT Scores.
  • We achieved parity with the user demands in Iteration 3 of the focus group study for the maintenance dashboard.
  • Continuous process meant more personnel from the data centers participating in the studies
  • Recruitment is easy on account of internal snowballing.
  • Deprecated tools no longer valuable on account of the information provided in the new software.


As the client, the system is always going to be a top down approach with quite a lot of business decisions taken before the tasks are handed out. However, continuous involvement of data center personnel in this process means the software under consideration would hit a phase where the experience would match the expected experience. There is a caveat, though. Combating ever changing business requirements is crucial. If we ride the storm of changes and deliver what the users need, the roll out time may be a slow process.