About me

I am Anirudh Nagraj, a keen eyed UX guy. I use a mixed-methods approach to ensure that both customers and businesses get the most out of a product.

What sets me apart?

By leveraging user research techniques to get into the minds of the users businesses serve, I help identify the needs of the clients, stakeholders (users) and look to increase the product's value at hand. Through strategizing and working on the insights generated, I am sure that the users will have a positive user experience. Having worked in software development in UI/UX, I know what it means to wear the developer's hat while designing a product. Many people might argue, a good product needs user research before development. For me, user research is quintessential in every step of the product life cycle. I like to work with multiple methods to triangulate findings, backing up qualitative data with quantitative and vice-versa. The method used in the research is dependent on the requirements of business, stakeholders, and the users.

Other Interests

I am an avid soccer fan, coffee lover and an admirer of nature. When idle, books offer a place of solace for me. Apart from that, I try traveling whenever possible because I love meeting new people, learning about different cultures and being my best self, one day at a time.