Hi! 🙏 I am Anirudh Nagraj

I'm a User Researcher who helps build better products, bringing customers and businesses closer to one another.


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A navigational wearable aid for individuals who are blind

COEIT Research

User research project of the univeristy's College of Engineering and Information Technology's RESEARCH website.

Shared Services Center

User research project of the SHARED SERVICES CENTER (Payroll and Finances) website.


A mobile application prototype for individuals who are visually impaired.


I am Anirudh Nagraj, a keen eyed UX guy. I use a mixed-methods approach to ensure that both customers and businesses get the most out of a product.

What sets me apart?

By leveraging user research techniques to get into the minds of the users businesses serve, I help identify the needs of the clients, stakeholders (users) and look to increase the product's value at hand. Through strategizing and working on the insights generated, I am sure that the users will have a positive user experience. Having worked in software development in UI/UX, I know what it means to wear the developer's hat while designing a product. Many people might argue, a good product needs user research before development. For me, user research is quintessential in every step of the product life cycle. I like to work with multiple methods to triangulate findings, backing up qualitative data with quantitative and vice-versa. The method used in the research is dependent on the requirements of business, stakeholders, and the users.

Other Interests

I am an avid soccer fan, coffee lover and an admirer of nature. When idle, books offer a place of solace for me. Apart from that, I try traveling whenever possible because I love meeting new people, learning about different cultures and being my best self, one day at a time.


Professional Experience

User Researcher - Shared Services Center, University of Maryland

2020 - Present

University of Maryland, Baltimore County

  • Lead mixed methods research initiatives on qualitative and quantitative data.
  • Performed heuristic evaluations on the Shared Services Center website to uncover usability problems related to content placement and navigation.
  • Improved search relevance and content discovery through the insights gained from usability testing.
  • Improved NPS from 30 to 50 by implementing contextual inquiry driven recommendations.

RESEARCH ASSISTANT - Toyota Funded Research on Mobility


University of Maryland, Baltimore County

  • Research Assistant in a Toyota funded project to prototype a belt that aids legally blind runners.

  • Analyzed competitors, simulated scenarios, and created affinity maps to inform prototype design.

  • Evaluated prototype feasibility with the help of a field experiment in an obstacle course followed by user interviews.



University of Maryland, Baltimore County

  • Investigated real world navigational habits of legally blind individuals in low- and medium-income countries.

  • Developed guidelines for future assistive technologies in the navigational space from context interviews and qualitative coding.


2017 - 2019

L & T Infotech - Bangalore, India

  • Conducted generative research on customer insurance portals to determine product roadmap.
  • Managed websites by integrating front end web technologies using Adobe Experience Manager.
  • Developed a web portal for an insurance client of L \& T Infotech (HSB) to process quotations for customers across the globe.


Master of Science, Human-Centered Computing


University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Bachelor of Engineering, Information Science and Engineering


R V College of Engineering, Bangalore, India


Anirudh Nagraj, Ravi Kuber, Foad Hamidi, Raghavendra Prasad "Investigating the navigational Habits of the blind in India" - Under Review
Sidas A Saulynas, Mei-Lian Vader, Apoorva Shashidhar Bendigeri, Tristan King, Anirudh Nagraj, Ravi Kuber "How and Why We Run: Investigating the Experiences of Blind Runners" Under Review


Social/Behavioral Research - CITI

Issued: Dec 2019
Expires: Dec 2024



Contextual Inquiry, User Interviews, Qualitative Coding, Usability Testing, Heuristic Evaluation, Affinity Mapping, Participatory Design, A/B Testing, User Journeys, Dairy Studies, Card Sorting, Storyboards, Surveys, User Personas


Wireframing, Brainstorming, Prototyping, Whiteboarding, Interaction Design, Accessibility, User Centered Design


Adobe XD, Figma, InVision, Sketch, Balsamiq Mockups, Adobe Illustrator, JIRA, AirTable, Survey Monkey, Google Suite, Miro


HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Agile, Lean, Kanban

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